Project Description

Project Brief

Re-brand an old hand-written logo and develop a full-line of branded marketing collateral for an hot tub / spa OEM.  This included a new logo, tagline, product catalog, product flyers, mobile-friendly website, icons, branded sales promotional items.  This top-down brand strategy was delivered with a laser-focus marketing mission to grow its B2B and E-Commerce business channels.

Visual A

Branding Design and Creative Direction

Skills Needed

Brand: Clearwater Spas

Develop all creative, design and brand direction for a $20 million international OEM of luxury hot tubs.

Search terms: branding, product marketing, creative direction, logo development, graphic design, web design, corporate print collateral, brand standards, communications.

Art Direction 100%
Graphic Design 100%
Branding 100%
Multimedia 98%
wire frame, wire framing, sketch

Wire Framing, Sketch

Build, sketch and wire frames for art directing the visual messaging for all things digital. By sketching and wire framing, this allows for quick client input and helps to direct teams for launching sites.

This also helps to quickly visualize sites, emails and landing pages on multiple desktop and mobile platforms.